The Corporate Version of the Hunger Games

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November 25, 2017
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December 4, 2017

Recently, I had a friend tell me that their company had acquired another company which has led to redundancy in a number of positions.  Of course, this is extremely common in the world of mergers and acquisitions and is always a scary time for employees.

Rather than management evaluating the employees that are being affected by the redundancy, they are actually doing the 1980’s, Jack Welsh style – “Reapplying for your OWN job.”  That’s right.  People actually still do this!  AND this is a very profitable technology company…  A household name that you’d recognize.

Overnight, this management team literally ruined a culture that took 25 years to build.  My friend was always pinching himself since joining the company 10 years ago.  He thought he was so lucky to work at a company that cared about their employees.  Management would avoid lay-offs through attrition, they seemed to be open and honest about the position of the company’s current and future growth, great benefits, etc.

Instead of making the tough decisions and evaluating the individual people, they chose to create a corporate version of the hunger games.  Why in the hell are these so called “leaders” being paid $500k plus a year if they can’t even figure out who, in their pool of talent, is the best person for a position?  How can anyone in their right mind think that it’s ok to pit people against each other and expect to end up with a positive work environment?  This is classic Corporate Dinosaur behavior.  

And don’t think that they haven’t already decided on who is staying and who is going.  I’m not sure what this so called “tactic” is meant to do other than eventually driving your best performers to another company that actually has a real management team who is willing to step up make the tough decisions.

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